Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dec 31, 2013 Last Day of the Year

Maci is sitting in Terry's chair waiting for her cousins to arrive.

Eli is switching the inside light, the porch light, and Christmas decorations on and off. The couch he is standing on was purchased in 1981. It has been through 3 boys and all their growing up years and survived well, but it hasn't been through an Eli. I am wondering if it has the stamina to survive this kid. lol

I made him put all the cushions back on the loveseat. Doesn't he look innocent? hmmmmm...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Life IS a Hallmark Christmas Movie with a Little Comedy Sprinkled in.

Terry and I have been having fun with our family the past few days. The posts have been lacking, but I will make up for it. We are playing with Eli and Maci tonight. Their Mommy and Daddy are at home. Tues and Wednesday we are set to see Stephen, Aimee, Devon, Zach, and Sierra. I know that Maci and Eli can hardly wait to see them.

I haven't been on the internet much for 5 days and I was greeted with  a really sweet review. I wanted to share it with you.

Review of Christmas in Nashville: "
Your books get better and better! December 25, 2013

You did it again. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my day with another great read of yours. Thanks, so much, for consistently keeping God and His goodness and forgiveness in your books! I knew it would be good but was not expecting to get wrapped up in such beautiful emotion. Looking forward to the next one. Gosh, I hate this book had to end! Felt like I knew those people and now I wish I did!"

Monday, December 23, 2013

Part 11 of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Version vs the Reality Show Life of Terry & Elaien

Click on the link to get this book for 99 cents today, Dec 23, 2013.
The Reality Show Version:
It is the day before some of the children are supposed to arrive. The pre-cooking is done because there is no room left in the tiny freezers. Elaine wakes up late and finds Terry eating some of the banana bread that was made for company but opened because it is on the verge of being over cooked. (The recipe was wrong. It called for much more time than was needed.)

Terry wipes the crumbs from his lips and looks at Elaine as if he has been caught doing something he shouldn't. Elaine shrugs and slices off a piece for herself and then pours coffee. He remains in the dining room doing paper work and making a list of things to do on his day off.

Elaine is sitting in her big chair drinking coffee and watching him. She decides to clean up her "nest" around her on the chair so that it won't be messy when the kids come. After that, she goes to one of the spare rooms and removes her clothes from the closet and off the bed to take upstairs to her room. The clothes rarely make it upstairs when no one is expected to stay over because it is easier to hang the clothes up in the downstairs closet and dress there...oh well...

One of Terry's tasks is to take this basket upstairs and help me set up the pack and play for Eli. We do need to do a quick clean to get ready. He is off to town to make a deposit and buy things from the grocery store. Elaine is still in her pjs and watching Home and Family on TV.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Version:
Terry awakens and is surprised to see that Elaine has already risen and began her day. The smell of bacon and pancakes wafts through the air along with fresh brewed coffee.
Terry: Darling, what a lovely breakfast.
Elaine: Only the best for you, my love.
Terry: What are your plans for the day?
Elaine: Just taking the day to enjoy you on your day off. The elves have done all the cooking and cleaning so there is nothing pressing for us to do.
Terry: I'm so glad I hired them to serve you this holiday season.
Elaine: Me too.
Terry: It will be so good to see the children this week. I think they will be so glad to be here and we can play the days away.
Elaine: Merry Christmastime!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Part 10 of the Hallmark Chistmas Movie Life of Terry and Elaine

The Reality Show Version/Honey Boo Boo
Elaine is in the kitchen cooking several dishes ahead for her family's coming visit. She has tried to wash the pots and pans and various dishes as she goes, but they got away from her. She is cooking chicken for chicken and noodles as well as chicken chili.
The chicken is set aside to cool while she makes Cheesy Broccoli Soup. After the chicken cools, she debones the chicken and places the chicken hunks in the Kitchen Aide mixer and shreds it with the blending paddle. (Elaine read this tip in pinterest.) Everything went well except she didn't have a pouring shield and some of the chicken was flung at her and onto the floor. She picks up the chicken from the floor and throws it to the barn cats.
She presses on and reaches for the flour in the cabinet and the overflowing cabinet burps out a canister of powdered sugar which bounces on the countertop and bursts open all over the counter and floor. Elaine is covered.(This actually happened.)
She is on a mission so she presses on and mixes up the noodles in her mixer. She is a mess and the soup is done so she puts large portions in several freezer containers. She finishes cooking the massive amounts of noodles and sees the mountain of pots and pans growing in her sink.
The washer is running and the dryer indicates it is done with its load. She wipes her hands and retrieves the clothes from the dryer and puts them in a laundry basket. The load is towels, thankfully, so she puts the basket next to her chair so that she will remember to fold while she is resting after the cooking marathon.
After loading the dryer again and starting another wash load, she is back in the kitchen when the phone rings. It is her sister. They talk while she sets pinto beans to soak. When she hangs up from that conversation, Terry calls on the cell phone. She begs him to help her with the dishes when he gets home and he agrees.
Elaine stirs up a batch of homemade bread and Terry arrives home. He gives her a big kiss and jumps in doing the massive mound of dishes. They enjoy a supper of broccoli cheese soup and freshly baked bread.
The Hallmark Christmas Movie Version
Actually, this was sort of like a comedy version of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Terry was so nice when he came home. He realized how hard I had worked to get things ready so that some of the work would already be done while I love on my family.
He joked and laughed with me about the mess and cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. The next day we went to town in an ice storm to buy some ingredients we lacked and one more Christmas gift. Then we made some yummy Christmas snacks made out of Rice Chex and Honey Grahams with nuts, coconut, and a slurry of boiling butter and white syrup. We made huge batches and separated them into three portions for our waves of company. We laughed so hard at Everyone Loves Raymond and The King of Queens and went to bed at 2 a.m.
We slept late and are enjoying being snowed in. To me, this is better than a Hallmark movie!
Stack of my notebooks of old family recipes, clipped, and pinterst recipes along with my list of meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Pretty sunset

Beginning of the sleet storm.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Part 9 of the Reality Show vs Hallmark Christmas Movie Life of Terry and Elaine

The Reality/Honey Boo Boo Version
Elaine determines to stay at home in her pajamas after awakening really late because of taking Zzzqill. Terry gave her the dosage, so it is suspicious that she slept so late. :)
With a foggy mind she stumbles into the kitchen and starts the warmer of the coffee pot. She can't wait for the first cup of coffee to warm up this way, so she puts a cup in the microwave and hits 45 seconds. She notices the few pots and pans that need washing, but shrugs and retrieves her cup of coffee and goes to the living room and sits in her chair. She finds Joyce Meyer on TV and listens with interest. (Joyce is always good.)
She sees a stack of presents that she and Terry purchased for the grands and decides that when the first phone call of the day rings, she will begin wrapping them. She gets the Dragon speech recognition headphone and puts it on in the hopes that she will write more on "The Restless Kansas Wind". Somehow, she is distracted by Facebook and email...hmmm then Twitter....oops.
She finally opens up the document for the book and begins to scroll down the manuscript to see what needs work. The cell phone rings. It is Terry. He talks for a little while and has to hang up. She continues scrolling and the land line phone rings. It is her sister so she gets up and begins wrapping the presents. Before the wrapping is finished, sister has to go. Elaine looks at the remaining items and determines to continue wrapping
She finishes and realizes that she hasn't eaten lunch. This hardly ever happens so she gets a little bowl and dishes out some pea salad to eat. Terry had asked her to get the mail from the box next to the highway. She is still in her pajamas so she puts on a teeshirt with her pajama bottoms and retrieves the mail.
In the mail there are some Christmas cards. She stares at the number of card that are displayed on the piano and decides that she needs to break down and address the cards. Because she is a little dumb, she feels that she must write a Christmas letter also. She goes to the computer and sees the waiting manuscript and shrugs. She thinks that she will get back to it fairly soon. Nope.
By the time she writes the Christmas letter and prints them off, she has run out of black ink in the printer. (She had just purchased black ink, but with this printing and the 124 pages of manuscript she sent to the editor, she is out.) Grrrr.
The phone rings again. It is Terry. They speak for awhile while she addresses the envelopes. She runs out of stamps. Grrrrr. She finishes with the Christmas card chore and Terry walks into the house. She still has her headphones on. No writing done today.
Elaine: Aren't you proud of me for doing the Christmas cards?
Terry: Sure
Elaine: It was hard work.
Terry: I'm glad you did it. I don't do it.
Elaine: Thanks.
This is my sister and brother-in-law's yard with the cute decorations. They are more on the ball than me.

This is the inspiration to get the cards sent out. I do love getting the cards. The sending them out is my procrastination point.

The Hallmark Christmas Movie Version:


Elaine awakens with her adorable husband and prepares a nutritious breakfast for him before he goes out to haul oil in his tanker truck. She gazes lovingly in his eyes and looks super cute in her silk pajamas and slippers.
Terry: Darling, you even look lovely without makeup.
Elaine: Oh you!
Terry: The breakfast was wonderful. I have to get going. I will be calling after awhile.
Elaine: I can hardly wait.
Elaine watches as he pulls the 18 wheeler out and down the road. She washes the few pots and pans and starts the dishwasher. She wipes the counters and quickly sweeps the kitchen floor. She settles in her chair with a cup of coffee and watches Joyce Meyer. As soon as the program is over she checks her Facebook, Twitter, and email in the allotted 15 minutes.
She opens the manuscript for "The Restless Kansas Wind" and writes and rewrites for a solid hour. The cell phone rings and Terry checks to see how Elaine is doing.
Terry: What are you doing?
Elaine: Just finishing up on some writing. Do you mind if I wrap a gift or two while we talk?
Terry: That's fine.
Elaine: I do need to get the Christmas Cards out or not do it at all. I have procrastinated so long.
Terry: Why don't you write the Christmas letter and sign the cards and I will address and stamp them?
Elaine: We could make a party of it! I will make a special Cheesy Broccoli Soup for us to eat while we do them.
Terry: Charming idea!
One can dream.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Part 8 of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Life with Terry and Elaine

The Reality Show Version
Terry wakes up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work. He slips out to the truck and does the pre-trip inspection and starts the truck. Elaine cannot sleep for some odd reason so she goes into the kitchen and sits on the barstool waiting for Terry to come back into the kitchen to fill his coffee bottle.
Terry feeds the cats and comes into the house through the laundry room door. He opens the door to the kitchen and grabs his heart because he is startled to see Elaine sitting at the snack bar. Elaine is startled because she can actually see his bright blue eyes.
Terry gains his composure and fills his coffee bottle and pours Elaine a cup of coffee and himself a half cup.
Terry: Why did you wake up so early?
Elaine: Just couldn't sleep any more. It was like I was dreaming that I needed to sleep deeper.
Terry: You didn't take Zquil last night did you?
Elaine: Nope
Terry: You know, I got up in the night and when I returned to bed you flopped your arm over my nose and I thought I was going to smother. I had so turn carefully so you wouldn't know I was trying to get away from you.
Elaine: Sorry.
Terry: It's okay. I have a problem when my breathing is impeded. We were both breathing like water buffaloes. I don't know why.
Elaine: humph!
Terry: Gotta get going.
Terry gives Elaine a little kiss and goes out into the darkness to start his day of work. Elaine takes her coffee cup and refills it, goes to the chair and picks up the remote to watch Joyce Meyer and begin her day.
Hallmark Christmas Version
(This one will be more difficult to romanticize.)
Elaine reaches into the darkness and realizes that Terry has already awakened to prepare to go to work. She runs to the window and discovers that he is doing his pre-trip inspection to the 18 wheeler he drives.
Hurriedly, she brushes her teeth and heats up some homemade banana nut muffins to eat with a cup of coffee.  She perches on a barstool in the kitchen hoping to share a cup of coffee and muffin with her beloved. She giggles as he opens the door an discovers her awaiting him.
Terry: Darling, something smells good.
Elaine: Sweetie, do you have time for a muffin or shall I wrap it up for you to have on the road?
Terry: I will eat one with you. Let me pour you a cup of coffee after I fill my thermos.
Elaine: I had forgotten how bright blue your eyes are until you gave that startled look when you entered the kitchen.
Terry: You did startle me. You should have stayed in bed it is very early.
Elaine: I missed you.
Terry: Oh, I have to tell you how sweet you were last night. I got up to go to the restroom and when I returned, you cuddled up to me. You were breathing like a little baby. I had to listen to see if you were alright.
Elaine: You say the sweetest things! I love you.
Terry: I love you too, but I must get going. Have a beautiful day, my love.
Elaine: Blessing on you, my husband.
(Oh well, I can dream! lol)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Part 7 of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Christmas Season with Terry and Elaine

The Reality Version:
Elaine: Terry did you see the kittens?
Terry: They are wild. They won't let you pet them.
Elaine: That's too bad. The grandkids would like to hold them when they come to visit.
Terry: Look at them, they are so fluffy.
Elaine: They look like little furry basketballs.
Terry: They are so cute!
Elaine: Did you see the really fluffy one running across the yard?
Terry: She took off like a streak on those 2 inch legs. 

The Hallmark Christmas Movie Version:
Elaine: Darling, the little kittens are so affectionate!
Terry: Yes, the Grands will love how much they love to be petted and loved on.
Elaine: They are Calico aren't they?
Terry: Yes, more than likely they are little girls.
Elaine: It is so sweet to have kitties for the kiddos to play with when they come visit. We will have to remember to not send any home with them. Sometimes the parents aren't prepared to accommodate them.
Terry: True. This is going to be a Merry Christmas.
Elaine: I am sure it is.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Stop of the "World Tour"

This is inside the Red Barn at Bryan's Corner. Tracy is at the snack bar helping another crafter. Sherrilyn Polf is in the tan outfit setting up her book table. There were some really cute crafts and pretty jewelry available at the event. I purchased some stuff there and had to force myself to not spend all the money I had with me.

The food/snacks they fixed were so good. There was even homemade candy. It was a test of will to keep from stealing the whole plate of chocolate covered coconut candies. That was some good candy.

This is my booth at the Red Barn. It was fun to talk with all the crafters and shoppers. I sold a lot of books. It was very encouraging. I enjoyed the day very much. The Red Barn has pretty crafts and homemade jelly and salsa...

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Second Night of My "World Book Tour"- Hooker, Oklahoma Christmas Shopping Night

Wednesday I had a book booth at Beaver, Oklahoma. Thursday night I was blessed to be at Hooker, Oklahoma. Coming Saturday I will be at Bryan's Corner, Oklahoma at the Red Barn Café and craft shop. I guess this could also be called the Oklahoma Panhandle Tour. It has been so enjoyable. A lot of these people know me or my family and Terry's family. Many of them are new friends from seeing me at the area craft shows and libraries. They are all treasures in my life. The encouragement is wonderful.

These are pictures from the event at Hooker, Oklahoma

Four authors were set up in the children's section of the Olive Warner Memorial Library in Hooker, Oklahoma. This is my area. I had the books set up on my nice book rack.

This is librarian, Caroline, getting things together for a busy evening. The little dollhouse was crafted by one of the ladies for a drawing. It is so detailed and nice.

The friends of the library had wonderful baked goods to sell for a fundraiser. I had to make a couple of purchases for Terry and I.

See the beautiful corsages being  modeled by authors, Lynn Donovan of Liberal, Kansas and Sherrilyn Polf of Tyrone, Oklahoma? They were made for all of us by the charming lady standing next to them, Linda Martin. She owns a florist shop in Hooker and also has a connection to me. She and Terry used to work at the same company. She was such a blessing to us at that time and, as you can see, she is still blessing me. That is one beautiful corsage.
I think I will wear mine every day until it wilts. The greenery mixed with the roses and baby's breath creates such a fantastic fragrance.


Left to right: Sherrilyn Polf- She writes Christian Historical Fiction from WWII.
Gwen Hanson is from Hooker, Oklahoma and she has written The Farmer's Daughter which is a book about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Days and chronicles her family's life during this era.
Lynn Donovan writes Christian Fiction, The Wishing Well.
Then there is me, Elaine Littau, author of Christian Historical Fiction. (I am told that my contemporary fiction is old news because it is set in 1975, so I guess it is Historical as well. lol - My kids told me that!)
One of the library patrons took my picture next to the book rack. Hmmm I thought I had fixed my hair better than that. Oh well.

These are the "Contemporary" or maybe "Historical 1970s" books. Six Miles from Nashville and Christmas in Nashville.
The blue books next to me on the round table were written by a little 5 year old girl. Sherrilyn Polf helped her publish it and now that she is 6 years old, she is doing her second book. It is fully illustrated and such a cute book.

I love Gwen's boots. She was saying that she bought two broom stick skirts to wear with them and her children told her she had to wear jeans to show them off. She is the cutest thing!
The young man reading next to her was one of the helpers who helped us load up our stuff and take everything to our cars. That bunch knows how to treat authors!

There was a steady stream of readers who came to greet us. This was the first time I met Lynn Donovan and I was pleased that she was able to get to know the people of Hooker.
I couldn't help myself...I had to take a couple more pictures of the corsage when I got home.

There is just something about roses...sigh. .)
I appreciate everyone who made this event possible. I sang all the way home with my CD player. (It was probably a good thing no one else rode with me. lol

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Wonderful Little Town with the Spirit of Christmas- Beaver, Oklahoma

On Wednesday night it seemed a little like a Hallmark Christmas Movie in the small town of Beaver, Oklahoma. The Chamber of Commerce did a fantastic job in coordinating the events of the day. A craft show began at 9 and finished at 9 p.m.

 They asked for the carriages and horses from Oklahoma City's Brick town to come and provide carriage rides for the shoppers. There were three of them.  At least one of them had Christmas lights decked on it. The carriages were pulled by beautiful big horses.

The children were excited to go to the stock yard and see real reindeer and write letters to Santa.

This is a decorated window of one of the stores.



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Part 6 Terry and Elaine's Life as a Hallmark Christmas Movie

The Reality Version:
Elaine wakes up and Terry has his bluetooth on talking excitedly to a friend. He is getting some sort of directions on how to do something. Elaine shrugs and fills her coffee cup. She enters the living room somewhat surprised at the roaring fire in the fireplace, but curls up in her chair to sip coffee.
She hears the word 'fan' and 'okay, I will get it by the shop.' Terry touches the blue tooth button on his ear and says, "Watch the fire. Our heater is out. I gotta go get a new fan and figure out how to install it."
Elaine: Oh.
Terry: Sorry to hit you with bad news as soon as you wake up but it is 12 degrees outside and I have to get this going.
Elaine: No problem. I'm glad you can fix it.
Terry: Let's hope.
The Hallmark Christmas Movie Version
Elaine tiptoes down the stairs from her opulent bedroom in her flowing robe and silk pajamas. Terry greets her with a tender kiss and pours her a cup of coffee. They enter the library where a roaring fire is blazing.
Terry: Good morning, Darling. Did you sleep well?
Elaine: Yes Dear, just wonderfully. My but you have a nice fire going this morning.
Terry: It is 12 degrees outside and I thought it merited a fire. Although our house is plenty warm, it make the atmosphere so cozy.
Elaine: Of course you are right my Darling.
Terry: I'm always right. He smiles and refills her cup. They spend the morning sitting hand in hand watching the fire.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Part 5 of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Terry and Elaine's Christmas Season

Reality Show Version:
This is day 5 of the sickness siege on Elaine. She drags herself from the couch and begins to decorate the tree. It takes two hours to do the job. Terry gets in from work and walks past it without noticing.
Elaine: Hey...! Did you notice I trimmed the tree?
Terry: Oh good.
Elaine: What do you think?
Terry: Good.
Elaine: I am holding a movie for us to watch.
Terry: Let me do my paperwork, then I will watch with you.
Elaine: Okay.
Terry: Okay, I'm ready...here's some water. You feeling better?
Elaine: Almost.
Terry: Good.
They watch a sweet movie called "A Daddy for Christmas".

A few decorations

The decorating is done.

Close up of decorations.
Hallmark Movie Version:
Terry arrives home from work and sees the beautifully decorated tree.
Terry: Did you decorate this yourself?
Elaine: It is the one that the elves didn't get to.
Terry: It is beautiful.
Elaine: Thank you. It almost did me in.
Terry: Sit down Darling, let me find a good movie for us to watch. Look, there is a good one..."A Daddy for Christmas."
Elaine: That sounds like fun.
Terry: Here is some hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Elaine: Yum.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Part 4 of The Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Life with Terry and Elaine

The Reality Show version:
Terry: Babe, did you see the lights?
Elaine: Nope, just laying on the couch all day...again.
Terry: Are you STILL sick?
Elaine: Yep. Did the lights look good when you drove in from work?
Terry: You didn't turn them on. Why didn't you turn them on?
Elaine: I was just laying on the couch all day...again.
Terry: I will heat up the hamburger helper I made yesterday. Do you want any?
Elaine: I think I will eat some toast. Tummy not good.
Terry: Maybe you will drop some weight with this sickness. There's got to be something good come from it. (He didn't exactly saaaaayyyy that, but that is what I heard.)
Elaine: Maybe.
Terry goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
Elaine: Want to go outside to see the lights with me?
Terry: Go ahead, I'm busy.
Elaine goes out and takes pictures of the lights and tries to get pictures of the really big stars shining so bright.

The Hallmark Movie Version:
Terry: Darling, so sorry to see you are still suffering from the crud. (I know that ain't a Hallmark word, but...oh well)
Elaine: I think I shall perish if this lasts much longer.
Terry: Did the elves show up to clean and decorate today?
Elaine: Yes, thank you and they even made dinner for you.
Terry: Aren't you going to eat?
Elaine: I think I can eat a morsel of bread.
Terry: My dearest! You haven't even seen the house lights outside. Let me take you into my arms and carry you outside to see. The stars are marvelous tonight. (Remember, this is my imagination...I weigh 120 pounds in this dream. Don't laugh.)
Terry gathers Elaine into his big strong arms. (It could happen.)
Terry: My, but you have lost weight! You are as light as a feather.
Elaine: The house looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

These are the cedar bushes we almost lost this year.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Part 3 of Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Terry and Elaine

Part 3 of the Reality TV Version of Christmas with Terry and Elaine.
The tree box is dumped in the floor next to Elaine's body. Terry is not sure she is amongst the living, but he says, "Here Babe. I'll get the outside lights started."
Elaine: Huh? I just...I can't...
Terry: No hurry, you can get to it when the stomach flu subsides.
Elaine: It could be a while.
Terry: No problem. It will be there when you feel better.
Elaine looks at the box and sits on the couch and begins assembling the tree between waves of sickness. She wonders if there could be such a thing as an umbrella tree like on cartoons.
Terry watches Elaine assemble the tree while he is on the phone with HR on his new job. He is trying to get the health insurance, life insurance and other benefits started asap. Elaine wonders at the urgency. Perhaps she is sicker than she thought!!! Needless to say, this is all she got done toward decorating. Maybe tomorrow the sickness will be gone.
Hallmark Christmas Movie Version of Christmas with Terry and Elaine
Terry: Darling, please don't raise your little pinky. I have some paperwork to get done for my new job, but you don't have to worry. I have hired a few elves to decorate for us this year.
Elaine: Sweetheart, you are the best! Where did you find the elves?
Terry: Don't you believe in Santa? You know where elves come from.
Elaine: Silly me, I forgot. It must be the raging fever.
Terry: They will not only decorate. They will clean the house and do the laundry.
Elaine: This is the best Christmas ever!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Virtual Craft Fair

Hi folks, come on in and get ready to shop.  It is kick-off time!

 I am so excited to be bringing you A Very Crafty Christmas - Virtual Craft Fair.   We have 10 shops represented to bring you their crafts, talents, and products.  Shop from the comfort of your home and eliminate the holiday shopping stress.

I don't know about you, but I love going to craft fairs and have even organized my fair share of them in years past.  I still have several Christmas items that I have purchased at craft fairs over the years. So, when I first saw this idea, it made perfect sense to me.

Let's see who our booth owners are:

1)  Store Name:  We Are Crafts

     Owner:  Regina Partain


     Event Special:  Participants will receive 20% off orders throughout the fair using the code

     VCF2013 at checkout.

     Giveaway Items:  3' Red and White Spirit Worm

                               Nativity Christmas Necklace and Earrings Set

     Value:  $25.00 Each

2)  Store Name:  A Welcoming House Blog

     Owner:  Heather Estey

     www.Etsy.com/Shop/AWelcoming House

     Event Special:  Participants will receive 20% off on all orders by including Virtual Craft Fair in their      personal not to me when purchasing an item.

     Giveaway Items:  Three Crocheted Star Ornaments

     Value:  $6.00

3)  Store Name: Butterfly Angels Quilting


     Owner:  Amy Gay

     Giveaway:  Quilted Denim Table Runner

     Value $25.00

4)  Author:  Darlene Shortridge, Contemporary Christian Fiction

     www.Darlene Shortridge.blogspot.com

     Event Special:  Purchase two or more books and receive $1.00 off each book purchased.

     Giveaway Item:  Paperback copy of Until Forever - A Christian novel that tackles the tough subject      of alcoholism and its effects on the family unit.

     Value:  $15.00

5)  Product:  Thirty-One Gifts

     Consultant:  Lisa Barnett

     www.MyThirtyOne.com/LisaBarnett  (Click on "My Parties" tab, then "Craft Fair Christmas"

     Giveaway Item:  Large Utility Tote

     Value:  $35.00


6)  Store:  MaMade Creations

     Owner:  Michelle Williams

     Event Special:  Free Shipping with Promo Code:  CRAFTSHOW

     Three Giveaway Items:  3 Sets of 3 Tulle Dish Scrubbies

     Value:  $15.00 Total, $5.00 per winner

7)  Store Name:  Backyard Originals

     Owner:  Debbie Scott


     Giveaway Item:  Fleur De Lis Mertal Art Piece

     Value:  $24.00

8)  Store Owner:  Shirley Wood, Consultant


     Giveaway Item:  Advent Christmas Countdown Tree

     Special Instructions:  Please enter the code APVCCHRISTMAS at checkout.

9) Author: Elaine Littau, Christian Fiction, Humor and Devotions

     Giveaway Item:  A copy of her book "Christmas in Nashville".  This is the second book in her              Nashville series.

     Value: $12.00

10) Store Name:  Brand It Boutique

      Owner:  Brenda Bradford

      Giveaway Items:  One Large Monogrammed Southern Sippers

                                One Small Monogrammed Southern Sippers

      Value:  $12.00  Large

                 $10.00  Small

WOW!  Aren't these some wonderful doorprize/giveaway items.  So, enter to win through the box on the upper left hand side of this post.  Then, visit all the stores and have fun shopping.

As for my store, I am continuing to add items to it daily, so be sure you check back often this week.  There are a lot more goodies ready to go in it.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Have fun shopping.

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