Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Touch of Zebra Aug 11, 2013

Now the tower office/craft room/sewing room us finished. All I lacked was recovering these two pillows and putting a cushion on the milk crate footstool. I think everything turned our pretty good. Terry made a wood top for the milk crate for me to cover. It is removable so I can store a few things in there if I want to. The only other thing I can think of is maybe recovering the orange chairs. I will try cleaning them first because they do fit into the color scheme of the room which is reflected in the area rug where they are placed.
Something funny is happening to me with this 'picture a day' thing. I am actually finishing up little projects here and there. Wow. Try it if you have nagging things to get done.
To cover the pillows

Measure the diameter of the pillow you want to cover. (This is the finished pillow) add 1/2" to the measurement for seam allowance.

Cut two circles from your fabric. (same or complementary)

Measure the length of the pillow you are covering. That will be one side +1/2" of the rectangle.

Measure around the girth of the pillow. That will be the other side measurement + 1/2 " of the rectangle.
Sew the Rectangle together leaving about 7" in the middle to insert the pillow into.
Sew each circle to the 'girth' measurement sides of the rectangle.

When you finish putting the pillow inside, hand sew the 7" gap together.