Monday, August 12, 2013

From 1975 to Now

Not long after Terry and I were married in 1975 I saw a picture like this on the cover of a needlework magazine. I had to purchase it and make my own. Being the thrifty person I am. (cheapskate that is) I just figured it out by looking at the cover. I didn't need any 'stinking pattern'. It turned out all right I guess.

Our oldest son used to look at the picture and call the horse in the pasture a 'goggie'. (doggie) That shows what a great job I did. Through all the years this 'masterpiece' found a place in the four homes we have lived in.

One day, after watching an episode of "Hoarders", I was putting it in the trash can. Terry stopped me. For the first time ever, he told me he really liked it and that we must keep it.

I decided it would fit in the tower office/craft/sewing room if I put some coordinating paint on the tired old frame. Every time I look at it up there on the wall, I think of the nineteen year old version of myself that toiled away with needle and thread to give her house a homey feel. I'm glad Terry didn't want me to throw it away. Besides, the grands love it. (especially the little girls)

The sewing portion is on the left and the scrapbooking and craft portion is on the right. Not pictured is the office and pattern cutting area. Do you see the stepladder/ironing board tucked away under the counter. That is thanks to Terry's trimming it down to fit so it isn't in the way. I love this space. One day I am hoping for a television up there. I might be lured from my big chair and into my office for longer periods of time that way.