Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot Spots Taking Over

Okay, this is my picture of the day. It is a picture of one of my 'hotspots'. ( uses that term. She is a wonderful woman who helps people get and keep their homes clean with email posts to guide them. I recommend her site.)

This week, my house got away from me because I have been on a writing binge. My regular work has suffered. Can you believe things get cluttered while I am pounding away on the laptop?  It is hard to show you my 'warts', but the truth is...I sometimes write and plod along. At the times when ideas are flowing, I 'go to town' and obsessively get after it. I have had tunnel vision when the words start to flow.

That being said, Terry is very patient with me and continues to work around the house mowing, and even cooking supper for us. I am going to tackle at least this hotspot before noon. The timer is set and when it goes off, I will clear the table and get the bathroom cleaned. Until then, I have some serious writing to do because fresh ideas came in the night.