Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Lost a Cap!

This is the picture of the day for Aug 28, 2013 (because I post the picture a day after the event) The night before I was using my water pick and brushing my teeth. Something went kerplunk in the sink. Oops!

The funny thing is that today at noon I am speaking at the Perryton Club to the Business and Professional Women's Club. They want a humorous speech and I had decided on the speech I named "Three Teeth and a Toenail".

First thing this morning I called the dentist. He is going to fix it at 3:15 p.m. Oh well. That is how it is with me. These kinds of unnerving things happen before big events. I think it is to make me transparent with people. I still have a lump on my chin from an infection caused from stress. (Stress? Me STRESS!) That's what the dermatologist said.

Oh well, it is another little moment to go into that speech. I will have to rename it, "Four Teeth and a Toenail". By the way, I am writing a book of a lot of the humorous things that I speak about and some things I haven't. The title will be "Four Teeth and a Toenail".