Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Brothers Called Me This Week

This is the picture of the day even though it was taken in March 2013. This is my brother, Jim. I posted it today because my sweet brother called me twice this week. I have another brother, Maynard, who calls me every week also. They are so good to me. Both brothers have a great sense of humor. I really feel refreshed after conversations with them.

For the past  few days our sister has been in the hospital. We were all pretty concerned about her. So far the doctor says that it has been a problem with her sodium levels. She was depleted. They have adjusted her medicines and it should go a long ways in taking care of it. A lot of you have prayed for her and I thank you for that from he bottom of my heart. Never take your siblings for granted. They are so important. Two of our sisters have passed away and we all miss them so much. While we enjoyed them in their life, we wish we had more time with them.