Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not Perfect but Loved

This is Maci, Devon, Sierra, & Zach

This picture is from July 2013
Devon, Eli, Zach, Sierra, & Maci
A few years ago, before our latest grandson was born, we had family photos taken by Terry Peak. One of my favorite shots of the grandkids is the imperfect one I have posted here. I have used this picture in most of my speaking engagements for an introduction of myself. As you know, grandmas are defined by the people they love.

Even though there are tears on one, scowls on a couple, and indifference on the other; I still see my precious grands. In fact, every time I look at this picture I pause and smile. Most of the pictures I take of them that are posed are all beautiful smiles and I love those, but this one... well...I love it.

It makes me wonder if God looks at me in my imperfections and smiles. Ladies, you know how we struggle to hide all the little spots and blemishes on our face, cover and camouflage excess pounds. Sometimes I just throw up my hands and decide I have done all I can do and give up.

Jesus looks at us and sees his precious child when we give up the 'cover up' and just offer ourselves as we are to Him. There is nothing like the embrace of the Holy Spirit to let you know you are 'accepted in the beloved'. "Beloved"... I am loved!

Next time you see your imperfections, realize this...YOU ARE LOVED by the Lord!