Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture of the Day Aug 7, 2013 Bible Study & Prayer Time

Today I got a late start on the day. I guess I took too much Zzquil last night. The sleep was sweet anyway. That stuff works! Anyway, I digress. Lest you think I never fail to read my Bible and pray, I confess it is sometimes a struggle. If I get up later, it seems that the whole world is awake and telemarketers call, my favorite television programs are one and the preachers I usually listen to early in the day aren't on.
Yes, I watch TV preachers. Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Jenzen Franklin, and others help me dig deeper in the Scriptures. It is true what the Bible says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." They give me a taste and I dig in and feast on the Word.
Prayer has been an ongoing thing with me. I pray throughout the day as things come to mind. While this is good, nothing is like kneeling down (if possible) and pouring out my heart to God. You will see my notebook. It was made by Becky Tirabassi and is called "My Partner". It was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers 1990. I recommend it.
It is divided into sections. One is for your to do list, one for praise, admit, requests, thanks, listening, New Testament, Old Testament, and Proverbs. (This was designed for the One Year Bible) Anyway, I go through the requests when I don't want to take the time to write out all the other stuff. If I have promised to pray for you, your name is in there.
It seems that listening to 'my preachers' and reading the Bible is easy for me, but actually praying is a challenge. That is when the crazy ideas flood into my mind or I remember stuff I need to do. (Joyce Meyer says to have a notebook to jot those things down so you can get on to praying.) Phone calls come, and I get leg cramps or any number of things. Tell me, why do I always seem to get sleepy when I am praying?
Today I finished the book of Revelation. I left the last chapter for today. I wanted to read it yesterday, but decided to savor it for today. I am so glad I did. God is Good. God is Great. I thank Him for being King of Kings and Lord of Lords, my Father and Rescuer. Why oh why are there days I neglect Him?