Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Picture of the day- Palo Duro Zip Line


Sunday we went to Canyon to spend the night with our son and family because I had a doctor appointment on Monday morning. We had heard that there is now a zip line at Palo Duro Canyon. Of course Terry had to try it out. I snapped this picture on the little road from the RV park to the edge of that finger of the canyon.

The kiddos loved walking and climbing that day. Look at Eli's hat!

This is the ramp/rope bridge the zip line riders walk up to get on the zip line.

Terry and some of the riders putting on their gear.

When they make  up a load of riders, they drive them to the zip line sight.

If the trolley isn't completely full, family can ride with them to watch. Otherwise, family and non-riders park at the RV park and walk down to the sight. Maci and Eli were happy to take the little walk down to watch their grandpa.

The view of the main canyon from the zip line.

Terry getting hooked into the carrier.

It is almost go time.

After riding the zip line we took the kids to hike to the various caves. I was surprised that the baby and Maci were like mountain goats. They were ready to climb and never got tired.
The zip line goes over an area 300 to 400 feet over the canyon. It is a fun ride. There are 2 side by side lines so that riders can race to the other side. It is located just before the park entrance. The people who own it are very nice. The cost is very low.