Friday, August 9, 2013

Ping Pong Table Replacement (Picture for 8/9/2013)

Doesn't look much like a ping pong table does it? This is my picture for today. When Terry saw this on sale at Walmart, he went crazy. (He's a little crazy anyway, but more than usual) We needed something to go on that side of the screened in porch.
Last year, when the grands and us worked on fixing the floor of the screened in porch, we left the ping pong table out in the yard. Wouldn't you know, the day before we finished and put our stuff back on the porch, it rained and ruined the particle board ping pong table.
After taking it to the dump we had an empty spot. We have a couple of white rockers sitting out there and used them. When Terry saw this he was excited about having a table out there to eat at. Last night we had supper out there and watched it rain.
Also, Terry and I have been working on replacing the screens. They are actually shade cloth that is stapled onto the trim boards. They are a lot more durable than any kind of screen and need less support boards that might hinder the view.
We are trying to catch up with a few more tasks around our house. We need to finish painting and re-staining the decks. More pictures coming!