Monday, August 19, 2013

Streams in the Desert by L. B.Cowman

This is my picture for today.  I have heard references to this book for many years, but never got a copy until last year about this time when it was offered through the Vine review program through Amazon. It was on the list of books and I requested a copy to read.

It was so good, I purchased a copy for my sister. She purchased a copy of the devotional book, Jesus Calling and she reads both devotions each morning. It is amazing how these two books complement each other.

The words of encouragement and instruction of these books link together with the Scriptures so beautifully. I urge those who want to dig deeper into hard issues to add this to your morning devotions. It does not replace the Bible. I am not saying that. It does spell out things we all go through and references the Word so that you can get your Bible out and dig into it yourself.

School is starting all around our country for the children. Let school start for you in knowing the Word of God better. I have heard that 90% of CHRISTIANS don't read their Bible at home. This is a shame. Let's do better.