Friday, August 16, 2013

The Gliders with New Coats of Stain on Them

This is today's picture of the day. Earlier this week I said I would show you how nice they turned out. Terry did take them completely apart because the metal part needed spray painted. He replaced a few boards and bolts. Now they are just like new again. Those are some of the most comfortable outdoor chairs we have...and they glide!

You can see that we still haven't put the stuff on the surface of the deck. It has been overcast and we didn't want rain to get on it before it was dry. Having time this time of year to get to it when the temperature is not over 90 degrees, is tricky, but it will get done before winter. In the mean time, other important projects are continuing. One important thing about all of this home improvement is that we try to remember to take time to have fun too.