Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hubs and His Friend, Ron

This is today's 'picture of the day'. Terry and Ron, his friend from grade school and high school has kept in contact all these years. They grew up on family farms a few miles apart and attended a two room country school. The husband/wife team teaching there while Terry attended taught grades 1-6. After the sixth grade the students were bused to the nearest high school in a town 20+ miles away.

There were 3 students in Terry's grade. He is still friends with Alan, the third of the bunch. I believe at that time there were less than 20 in the whole school. There were other country schools close by where Lyndon, his friend since meeting in the country church nursery, attended. Both schools have closed.

I am also blessed with long term friends. They are such a blessing to my life. It is funny how new friends and people I have only communicated with on the computer are also woven into my life.