Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Working on "Christmas in Nasville"

This is by picture of the day to represent the major focus of today. Yes, I am working on the newest book, "Christmas in Nashville". It seems to be going slower than "Six Miles from Nashville" because there is so much more research to do to get the reactions and thought processes of the characters right.
I usually think of how I would react to something that one of the characters goes through, but I have a limited scope on the world some of them are 'living' with in this book. I really want to get this right. Most of the time I find writing to be inspiring, but then there are times when I walk through the sad situations with the characters, I cry.
When I wrote "Luke's Legacy" I cried all day when I wrote a chapter about Ruby Young. I patterned her to look like someone I knew. That probably wasn't a good idea. Terry got home and saw my bloated red face. (I don't cry 'pretty') He asked me what on earth happened to me. I told him that something terrible happened to Ruby. He asked if she was someone he knew. When I said it was a character in the book, he had no sympathy. He declared that I had done that to myself.
In "Timothy's Home" I smothered along with the characters in their journey through Death Valley on the 20 mule team. I think I am dragging my feet because of the hard chapters ahead. I do request that you pray for me as I write. It drains me as well as brings me a lot of joy.
If you have a story in your heart, I urge you to write it down. Even if you leave it in a notebook in a dresser, it won't be wasted. It will be out there for your friends and family to read. If you want to get it into book form, please put forth the effort to publish it. I have a free document on my website to show you how to get started. Just click here to go to it. There are also a lot of good books on this subject as well. Take that step. I am so glad I did.

Have a great day!