Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working on the Deck - Picture for Aug 13, 2013

This is a picture of our front small deck. We named it "Baby Deck". Our grandsons sanded the floors of each deck, but ran out of time for us to purchase new stain and get to putting it on before they went back home. (No, it is not forced, free labor. We pay them for the work they do. If there are things they don't want to do they don't have to do it.)

This is a close up of how depleted of stain all the decks are. The railings and posts were not sanded!

These are pictures of the railings after I applied ONE COAT of Beahr's Deck Over. This stuff is wonderful. It is thick and encapsulates splinters. It also fills in some gaps in the wood. You are supposed to caulk larger gaps.

I did all the steps to our biggest deck except the top one. You can see the difference. Terry named this deck, Melchezeedeck, a derivative of the name of a prophet in the Bible. He named the small deck to the back door, Junior deck. (That man!)
It has taken us more time than we planned to complete this project because the temperature cannot be above 90 degrees and of course, it can't be windy. (That combo is hard to come by in the Panhandle of Texas.)
I highly recommend this product for decks. Terry also put it on some of our outdoor chairs. I will post those pictures next. This stuff is supposed to last over 10 years. I hope it does!