Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Viola Ruby Littau

This picture was taken in December of 2013. Terry's Mom, Viola, is pictured here with her former pastor. She is 97 1/2 years old. She is one of the most positive people I know. She does live at home because of the assistance of a 24 hour caretaker. We are all blessed by the tender care that Viola is enjoying.

Yesterday, Terry and I went to see her. I had taken pictures  to post, but somehow when I was downloading them into the computer, they were deleted. Oh well, these smiling faces are a good picture to put here.

The day was beautiful and warm. What a relief after such a crazy few weeks. Terry was his cheerful self and enjoyed sitting on the daybed next to his Mama and talking with Jamie. After a while, Viola grew tired and we decided to leave and go to Beaver to do some business for her. It seems to be more difficult to leave her each time. Although she is very strong for her age, we know that it is a blessing that she is still here.

We drove by the farm on the way to Beaver. The place was the same and different at the same time. I thought of the first time Terry took me there almost 40 years ago. Time changes everything. Terry walked in the pasture and looked at the places he grew up. I thought of him as a child there and all his growing up years. His mother and daddy did a good job raising responsible and loving people.

As I told Viola goodbye, she was laying on the daybed and getting ready to take a nap. I put my hand on her cheek. She seemed so small. I didn't see recognition in her eyes, but I knew she loved me. I wondered if I had blessed her life in any measure as much as she has blessed me. My daddy used to say, "Time don't wait for anybody." It is true. As I looked in her eyes, I wondered if I squandered time in becoming a better friend to her. She has been someone my children and grandchildren can look to and say, "Now there is a woman of God."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quality Control

This very happy grandpa is part of my 'quality control' team. Look at him...sitting basking in the love of his youngest grandson. (We have 2 teen-aged grandsons who live 500 miles away.) He is wearing a shirt with the first cover for the book, "Elk's Resolve". (We updated the cover a few years ago.) He takes the time to read through my edited manuscripts for things that may have gone unnoticed by the three other sets of eyes that have looked through it.

He reads the manuscripts to me aloud so that I can be sure the story flows in the way I want. In doing this, he also finds typos and other things that may have been missed. I think my 'quality control' guy is pretty cute. 

Today, he read Episode 1 of Restored to me and made the corrections. I submitted it for review to Kindle Direct Publishing. It looks like Episode 1 will be ready for purchase tomorrow sometime. I am very excited to get this writing in your hands and am working steadily on Episode 2 so that it will be ready very soon.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Interview of little ole me!

An author of books for children asked to do an interview of me! Click here to read it. You will want to read her blog. She is  terrific author and very cool person, Laura Eckroat.

Friday, March 7, 2014

99 cents today-- The e-book version of "The Restless Kansas Wind"

If you enjoy the books I write, please share this information with your friends and get a copy for yourself. Sharing your books with your friends is also a wonderful way to get the word out.

I do appreciate all the encouragement you have already provided for me. Even things you do that you think are small make a big difference. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

39 Years and Counting

Terry is always so sweet on our anniversary. These are the roses he got for me for our 39th. He did have a small trip planned, but I came down with a terrible cold and our area suffered from an ice storm. You know what? We had a great time. (minus the coughing and stuff) He cooked for me and brought me these roses and a beautiful card.

He usually reads my manuscript after it has gone through editing, but this time he was very busy so I published without his fine tooth come go through. He wanted to be sure "The Restless Kansas Wind" was free of typos  and things, so all Sunday afternoon he read the book (from the spot he left off) aloud to me. He reads it aloud because I catch gimpy phrases that way.

He dog-eared the pages for me to do corrections. There were 12 or so mistakes. They are now corrected. It makes me feel so loved when he does this for me. What a gift! I do love him so much. Next year is a biggie.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Episode 1 will be ready the second week of March 2014.
Episode 2 will be ready 3 to 6 weeks later. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

The question I had when I began writing this book was...Where do I start? How do I get into this character's head? I started on the Internet and Googled some questions. The answers I read were unnerving. I realized that I needed to just begin to write and fill in the pieces as they came up. 

The lead character in this book, didn't intend to break the law. She had taken a two year old boy when it looked like he would end up in the Foster care system. When the law caught up with her, she was charged with kidnapping. While I thought about Debbie, I wondered why this scenario triggered such a strong reaction in her. The result was a satisfying result. I hope you find it entertaining and believable.

Get ready...watch for the release of Restored, Episode 1.