Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Almost 7 Years of Publishing

This is Terry's favorite picture of me as an author. A professional photographer took the photo and it was not taken in his studio. These beautiful flowers and landscape are located on the road to Lake Fryer, a small lake near my home.

I was laughing uncontrollably because my grandchildren were sitting in the car watching the photo shoot. I hadn't had a professional picture taken of me alone since my Senior picture in high school. This one was a different kind of 'senior' picture. I was more comfortable watching my children do this kind of thing. We used a different pose for the back of the cover. I thought I should look a little more composed.

Who knew that a 52 year old woman could start a career as an author? It was beyond my wildest dreams. In fact, I had forgotten how to dream. Now, I dream all the time.

This is the first book produced from my efforts. In 2007 it had a different cover. This is the new cover. For years, there wasn't a Kindle version of this book. The price was $2.99 for this format. Yesterday, I changed the price to 99 cents.
This book was supposed to be 'the book' that I had in me. (We have all heard that every single person has a book inside them so I decided to write one.) Actually, I figured I would write it, print it out, and leave it in a drawer for my sons to find after I died.
This book is the one I wrote after I threw caution to the wind and sent my manuscript to a publisher. Who knew that the publisher would take on 'Nan's Journey'? Terry told me I needed to write every day, so I did.

I cried more writing 'Luke's Legacy' than any other book I have written. So far, of all my books, it is a sleeper. Sales on this book are good, but not as abundant as the other titles. When people ask me which book is my favorite, I tend to go to this one. Remember, these books are sort of  like children to me so it is difficult to choose just one.
This one was just plain fun to write.
This one has a lot of history. I love this one. It completes the Nan's Heritage Series.
That is enough for today. This sounds like a commercial. I'm sorry that it does. Writing has become a huge part of my life now. The work is interesting and I am pleased that the Lord has seen fit to use these books to show how to get through life situations with God's help.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Is Kitty Time!

The kiddies held still but the kitties didn't. Even though Spring doesn't feel too springy right now, the new kitties are being born. The grands and hubs love holding them. Nothing is sweeter than kids and kittens.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cowchip Festival????

This is my set up at the Beaver, Oklahoma Cowchip Festival.
The name of this festival evokes many comments on my blog and other places I post on the internet. It is a very nice festival with all sorts of things going on. They had a carnival, a color race, a cow-patty bingo, cowchip throwing, and the craft show. I'm sure I missed something.
Just as I was about to open up my booth, the rack collapsed. The back legs were flimsy. Terry is at town purchasing some bulkier stuff to bulk it up. I think he is going to cut it down to tabletop size.

This is the photo of the 'Big Beaver'. It is the town mascot. Do you remember that this is the town I went to for the Christmas Shopping Show? They had carriage rides and all that jazz. This place will also have a county fair in a few months. I will be here because there are so many readers who have become friends to me and some of them are friends who have become readers.

Terry was born here in Beaver and our sons were also. It is an hour away from our home, so it isn't a problem being at all the events. (especially with people who are so kind and friendly)

Since the hubs grew up really close to Beaver, a lot of people know his family. (close and extended) There are always a lot of questions about who, and how, etc. Some folks went to church  or school with some of them. Others are related in some way or another. I take down names and barrage Terry with questions when I get home.

There were 6 authors at the craft show. I know 3 of them. I didn't get around to meeting the other 2. Sherrilyn Polf had a booth next to mine. She writes about the home front during WWII and has also written a book for children.

This is Kathryn Fogleman. Her booth was behind mine and separated by a divider. She writes Fantasy. Her mother, Dawnita Fogleman, has written a book called "Star Chronicles, a Bible-Based Study of the Stars."
I really enjoy visiting with my author friends as well. Friday and Saturday was so much fun. I always look forward to events in Beaver, OK.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pen Pals

A few months ago our oldest granddaughter asked me if I would be her pen pal. She was very excited about the prospect of receiving mail. To tell you the truth...I adore hand-written letters in my mailbox. In fact, before email, sometimes I would write 18 letters in a day to people I love in hopes to get a letter back. A few answered, but most didn't.

With the event of Facebook, I have been able to keep in contact with dear friends and family. I don't have to write letters with pen and paper anymore. I still miss it. Occasionally, I do write a letter. Usually, I don't get an answer. Some things never change.

You can see that the invitation to become a pen pal was right up my alley. Sierra told me that I was required to send the first letter and she would write me back. I was excited. I tried to find some pretty stationary to write on. Nothing. I went to town... no pretty stationary. Hmmmmm. I had to settle with lined notebook paper. I wrote to her. She is in third grade.

I got a letter back from her. One statement she made was to please not write in cursive. She didn't want to have her Mom read it to her. Oh dear. Grandma wasn't thinking. I spoke with her momma and she said that even my grandsons in high school can't read cursive. They don't learn cursive in school anymore. Wow. I didn't know that.

After getting the letter from Sierra I decided to ask my first grade granddaughter if she wanted to be pen pals. I explained what that meant and she was really happy with the idea. We also talked about she and Sierra writing to each other. That made her day! Since then, they have been writing to each other and sending drawings to each other and little handmade gifts. They love mail.

The first grader, Maci, is no stranger to writing letters. Since she was a toddler, she wrote 'notes' to the mailman who delivers to their house. He told her mom that he puts her letters on his fridge next to his grandkid's. That's sweet huh. She is excited to get real letters from far away and she writes a good letter as well.

In Sierra's last letter, she sent me a design for a dress for her Barbie doll. We had discussed this on the phone and I told her I would try to sew it up for her. (I hope I can.) It is quite a cute design. She and Maci had never heard of changing the clothes on their Barbies. Wow, things have changed. I had two Barbie dolls and a bunch of handmade and store bought clothes, hats, and coats for them. I spent more time changing their clothes than playing with them.

I also write to a little girl from Cambodia. She was my first pen pal. Terry and I 'adopted' her years ago. Her writing in her letters are maturing as the years go by. She also sends drawings to me. Some people write me letters telling me about reading the books I write. I love it. I guess that I am finally getting the letters in the mail that I long for.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Biscuit Recipe from The Pioneer Woman's Cooking Show

Terry and I watched The Pioneer Woman Cooking Show on Sunday afternoon. She was making Sausage and gravy, oven fried potatoes, and Cowboy black pepper and sage biscuits. Today, I decided to try the Cowboy biscuits.

These biscuits have a lot of pepper and sage in them, as well as buttermilk. I never thought of pepper and sage in biscuits, so I decided to try to make them. This is my attempt. They turned out really well.

I have never had much luck in making biscuits from scratch, but these turned out great!!!! They taste really good. (I snuck one.)  Now, the test is how much Terry likes them. I made roast with carrots and potatoes yesterday and we have some left over. These warm biscuits will go nicely with them. I am sure you can get the recipe from her cooking show's website.