Marketing Tips/Discussions for Authors

I am like a lot of authors with books out there. I try a lot of things.

When I first started, I wanted a big bang and I spent a lot of money (for me, although a little for some) on things that didn't bring sales. My first book was released in 2009.I travelled a lot and went to craft shows a hundreds of miles away. I never made enough to cover the cost.

I felt the Lord leading me to a few marketing books, Amen by Leon Mentzer was the biggest help. In those books, it said to begin in the area where you live to let people know about you.

Don't market the book, market yourself as an author so you won't have to market each book separately.

I have magnetic signs on my car and go to craft shows and events within 130 miles of home all the time.

When someone buys a book, I ask for their name and address so that I can send them a post card/push card telling them about the next book. That has about a 60 to 70% return purchase rate.

Facebook has been good...really good for sales, but I try to engage with people and get to know them. I learned how to disengage my twitter from my facebook so that friends won't be flooded with too many promotional messages.

A funny thing happened last month. I got a call from a lady who bought one book years ago when I went far from home. She rounded up a lot of ladies to borrow her book, eleven of them wanted to order books of their own.

Nothing you do is wasted. If you comment on blogs, write a blog, website, goes on Google. You want as many listings with your name and genre on them so that you will be listed in the first 2 or 3 pages when people are looking for books like yours. Give much thought to what you write because what you post will be on the internet forever.