Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at Terry's Mom's House. With Viola, Daniel, Jamie, and Christine.- Pictures of the day

Thanksgiving 2013
Terry's mom, Viola, is 97 years old. We are blessed to still have her in our lives. Terry was able to have Thanksgiving off for the first time in years. It was a great opportunity to see her. Along with the pleasure of seeing her, we were blessed that Daniel (Terry's older brother)and Jamie and Christine (The wonderful women who take care of Viola) were also there.
This is a picture of her nice little home.

Viola was so glad to see us. Christine is looking on as Viola and Terry greet one another. Isn't her living room cute? She wanted the daybed in the living room so that she can rest comfortably during the day.

Daniel didn't know if I should take his picture.

Daniel and Terry were stealing a few pieces of candy before the meal. I caught them.

Terry is escorting his mama to the table.

Jamie put together a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for us. As you see, Terry was excited to get to the turkey. Jamie was making Viola's plate.
We are so blessed to have Jamie and Christine in our life. They not only take care of Viola, they love her. That is something that doesn't happen all the time. This Thanksgiving we are truly thankful for Jamie and Christine.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Coffee with Terry - Pictures of the Day

This morning I am having Thanksgiving coffee with my sweetie. Do you see that homemade pumpkin roll? I didn't make it. Our friend and the official 'pumpkin roll lady', Lorie Tharp, is the expert who provides these wonderful treats for many in our area. (2000+ rolls a year) I heard that she is off to see her Thanksgiving granddaughter who arrived into their family today.
Honestly, there is nothing better on a Thanksgiving Day than sitting with Terry, eating a slice of Lorie's pumpkin roll, and sipping of strong black coffee. It seems like such a simple thing, but it is something in my life that makes it special. I am thankful for all the little things that make up my life. Of course, the big things are foremost on my mind, God - family - health - friends...and the list goes on. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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New Kitties- Picture of the Day

Well, it is just a picture of one of the kitties. It looks just like its Mama. He was kinda scared when I knelt down and took this picture through the sliding door. Terry didn't know about this litter. I told him I saw 2 or 3 slipping under the front deck a few weeks ago but I hadn't seen them since. He's a cute little fellow.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Pretty Is As Pretty Does" - Picture of the Day

This is a close up picture of the Christmas table that focused on the Nashville Series. It isn't really part of the title of this post, but I do think it is a pretty set up for a craft/book show.
I was Watching Home and Family this morning on the Hallmark Channel. It is one of my favorite morning shows after watching Joyce Meyer and the other preachers I like to listen to on television.
Today they were interviewing Mary McDonough, who is a life coach now. She played Aaron on the Waltons. It is interesting to me that she was intimidated about playing "the pretty one". It goes to show that even really pretty people have insecurities.
I think of how I have struggled as well as others I know to look acceptable to others. I remember buying Noxema face cream when I was a teenager in hopes that all the pimples would disappear after the first rinse. It never happened. I had to grow out of the majority of my facial blemishes. My face became dryer when I was expecting our first child.
Now, the extra pounds are something else. I have lost and gained more weight than I like to acknowledge. Three years ago I had gotten back into size 8/10. I am back to the biggest size I ever wore now. At times It really gets to me.  The older I get, the more I realize that outward beauty goes away quickly. The important part is the inside and how we treat others. (as well as ourselves - Don't forget to be kind to yourself.)
For my health, I am going to get the weight thing under control. I don't want to suffer from needless stress and exhaustion because of lack of self-control, but I will not think that I will be more worthy to be happy because of it. Does that make sense? I am a very blessed woman and I never want to forget it.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Snow at Almosta Ponderosa Ranch - Picture of the Day

This is facing east from our deck. A little more snow fell after this picture. I actually took it yesterday before the craft show. This really shows that this is a tree with two tops. When we planted it we didn't know it would turn out that way, but it is still pretty.

This is the other spruce tree we planted 20 years ago and the olive tree that was here when we moved in. I am glad I treated the wood on the tree bench to protect it from the weather. It doesn't look like a very good place to sit right now.
I do get excited about snow. (not so much about ice) It gives our dry ground a nice long sip and saves our trees and buffalo grass. There were a lot of cars that went off the road and some wrecks. On the Amarillo news there was a report of 4 deaths there from the storm. I was vey glad Terry didn't get out in the 18 wheeler on Saturday. He was so much help at the craft show and I could know he was safe and off the roads all day.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Terry Killing Wasps in the Dining Room - Picture of the Day

Terry is my hero. Although I told him not to stand on a swivel chair to do the deed, he was able to rid our dining room of the waspy critters. They have been really bad this year. I am glad he didn't fall down and break his crown. lol
This picture a day thing really does show to say this...dull our life really is. lol . Next time I will have pictures from my booth set up at the Satellite Show. It is Sat and Sun so be sure and come to see me if you are in the area.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guymon, Oklahoma Library Event - Pitures of the Day

This is the back area of the main part of the library. The wall to the right is where the children's area is. There were a bunch of kids in there and I didn't hear a sound from that room!
This dedication was a big deal for the city of Guymon, Oklahoma. They had a plaque and ribbon cutting ceremony with a lot of dignitaries from the state capitol. There were a lot of speeches, but you could tell from the things they said, so much work has gone on to put this beautiful library together. This picture in only a back corner. I didn't have time to look over the whole place, but what I saw was impressive.

This is the table they had for me to put my books. I did have a good time talking with the city people from several towns. Several took information and are in the process of setting up speaking engagements. I really look forward to speaking to their civic and book clubs. It looks like things will continue to be busy after the New Year.

I was blessed to meet the Library Director, Rachel Sides. She is a very sweet lady who has, with her staff, put in a whole lot of work for this event and more.

I intended to get a picture of author, Carla Stewart, who was another author here with her wonderful books. She is formerly from Guymon and one of the speakers for the night. I want to thank the people who put this event together for inviting me to come. God bless you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Come Visit Me in Guymon, OK - Picture of the Day

This is an older magnet I had on my car. There are a lot more titles now, so I just put things like, writer, speaker, humorist.

Today I am going to be in the brand new Guymon, Oklahoma library for its dedication. There are going to be some other authors there as well. Carla Stewart will be there with her wonderful books as well as Sherilyn Polf with all of her books set in the WWII era.
There are probably more authors going to be there, but those two ladies are the ones I have heard news that they were attending. I am looking forward to this event. If you are in the area today drop by.(Wednesday) The event it from 4-6 p.m. and I would love to see you there.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pee Paw and Maci -Pictures of the Day

This is Maci. She learned how to embroidery last year and it was time to teach her how to tie a knot at the end of the thread to get started on a new project. She also learned how to secure a knot when she ran out of thread each time.

She is working away at her project called Blossom and Rainbow the cutest puppies.

Gramps got home from work and it was play time.

When I got up this morning the picture above is what I saw. Maci working away at her project and Terry doing facebook on his phone.

It is play time again!

High up in the sky.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fun with Maci - Pictures of the Day

We are working on crafts and watching cartoons. We don't have a hoop small enough to make a hat for the little kitty she is holding. We will probably go visit Aunt Geraldine, Uncle Bob, and Cousin Paul today.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wow, This Was Difficult! Picture of the Day

What you are seeing is the back side of the backdrop poster I put together for my book booth. The scene on the front was on really thin plastic. (think disposable plastic tablecloth) I thought it needed to be bulked up a little, so I bought some clear shelf liner and put it on the back of it.
Now, I couldn't do this by myself. Terry helped me and he decided we actually needed about 4 more hands to do it right. It was awkward and funny. This top picture is where we had about 3 strips put down and the trash from peeling the paper off.

I stopped to take this picture of Terry trying to smooth the shelf lining out. It turned out okay...a little wrinkled but it is a scene of mesas from Monument Valley and we decided that isn't a smooth landscape anyway. lol
Next week, you can see this at the Satellite Arts and Crafts Show in Perryton, TX. If you can't make it to this show, no worries, there will be pictures coming soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Writing Challenge and Real Life - Picture of the Day

This is another handsome nephew and his pretty and sweet wife. Kevin asked me to come over on Tues to discuss a writing project he has for his college class. (I know, he is a smart guy.) We had more fun than we should have. Of course, when we are together it is always a fun time.

Dyan had to go back to work after this picture was snapped and after an hour or so she phoned home to be sure we were actually working on his assignment. (We were!) I wonder why she was suspicious. lol. We do get carried away telling stories.

One story he reminded me of was when he and his sister and brother were at a hair show and his brother needed some assistance. They gave his brother a double dose of exlax and a dose of this green herbal stuff. Kev and his sister left his poor brother alone at the hotel because he had 'problems' immediately. When they got back...well...the brother wasn't doing too well. We laughed until our sides hurt. I am in the middle of a writing challenge, but I welcomed the 'real life' break!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seeing Stars & Picture of the Day

As you see, this is not a picture of the stars. This morning I got up early with Terry and as we walked out the door we looked up to the sky. It was absolutely amazing. The sky was filled with very big, bright stars. We were in a hurry to get him to his truck to start his day so I didn't think to snap a picture. Hopefully, I will get a picture of it tomorrow. When I got back home from taking him to town, the sun was rising and the stars were gone.

I didn't know what kind of picture to take today, so I took a picture of a painting I did years ago. It hangs in my dining room. It is a lot like me...not perfect, so it is a good reminder. God bless you today.

I am going to plunge back into the book writing process and get more done on the NaNoWriMo challenge. Yesterday I was at 25,845 words toward the 50,000 goal for the month. After I reach the goal, the book will take another 10 to 20,000 words to round it out. It is exciting to have permission to write like a crazy person.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembering Those Who Serve and Those Who Are Now Serving.-Pictures of the day

This first picture is famous. Every time I see a flag with this image on it, I think of the things worse than death that have happened to some of our soldiers. Last spring I decided I had to know more. I started reading on websites the first-hand stories of those who were captured. Because I was writing a book about the 1970s I focused on the Vietnam POW and MIA. I wanted to write of a fictional soldier who was a POW and experienced some of the horrors the men went through. The stories haunted me and some of the things that happened to them were so bad I couldn't write them into a book that has a rating for younger readers as well as adults.
Telling bits of these stories put a face on these men for me. I know that I could never really know the pain and suffering each day held, but appreciation for all of our soldiers grew in my heart from doing this research. I wanted to write about how the people from the area of the USA where I live, care about what they went through and always held them in their prayers. We love our soldiers and feel bad for the families of those who never knew what happened to their loved ones and also for those whose loved ones died serving our country.

This is  picture that my great niece posted on Facebook. (She is Ambera, the little baby on the end in her mama's arms.) I think the man on the far left is my sister's brother-in-law.(Her husband's brother) The lady next to him is my eldest sister, Donna Mae. The little girl in the middle held by her sailor daddy is Libby, another great niece.  The sailor is my oldest nephew, David. The lady next to him is his grandmother. The lady holding the baby is his wife.
This picture takes me back to the 1970s. When I told my sons I was writing a modern day book they asked me about it. I told them the action started in 1974. They let me know that was almost 40 years ago and not necessarily modern. I beg to differ, but I see where they are coming from. Isn't it funny that it doesn't seem so long ago, but it is?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

This is the sunrise from my patio door. This is facing South. The Eastern sky didn't have clouds and the sun hadn't gotten above the hill. November morning skies are very pretty. Usually there is a foggy bank of clouds. This morning there wasn't.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

18,084 Words on The Restless Kansas Wind. Time to Jump In for the Day

"The Restless Kansas Wind" is moving along really well. I do love the challenge that The National Novel Writing Month provides. It is a kick start that has helped me write "The Eyes of a Stranger", "Some Happy Day", and "Six Miles from Nashville" in record time. Although I came a little over 10,000 words short on the challenge last year with "Six Miles from Nashville", I was able to get it finished soon after the challenge.

It is like having permission to dive in and neglect day to day tasks for one month. Of course, some things have to be done. I am cutting this post short. Hopefully the number will be much higher by bedtime.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful for Some Orders to Send Out- Picture of the Day

The picture today is of two book orders from readers who purchased through my personal website. When I look in my email and see that books have been ordered, it is thrilling to me. Sometimes I have the opportunity to meet the people behind these orders face-to-face at craft shows and speaking events. That is thrilling to me also.

While I am thankful for the money connected to these orders (I will not lie about that.) it is heart warming to think that there are people who desire to read my books or give them to readers they know. Some reviewers have said that the stories are simplistic and plain. That is okay. I am a pretty simple person. I am not saying that  am not intelligent, it is only that I try to be honest in who I am. I write as I see situations and imagine things to have been long ago. Most of the people I am closest to are not pretentious. I am drawn to people who speak and live the truth. It is my desire to be trustworthy.

This Thanksgiving season I am striving to look around and not take for granted the blessings in my life. I feel privileged to be able to write the books the Lord lays on my heart. I am blessed to speak to a lot of the readers and authors in person. The authors I have met in this process of this writing job have been some of the sweetest people. I have not met most of the authors face-to-face, but am in contact with a lot of them every day. It is a joy to pray with them and love them. They have expanded my heart. You have expanded my heart.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Heart and Reasons to Celebrate- Pictures of the Day

Recently my nephew, Paul, had a birthday. Terry and I were invited to come to celebrate it with him at my sister and brother-in-law's home. This nephew was my childhood buddy. We were more like cousins than nephew and aunt.

My sister sets a beautiful autumn table.

A wonderful meal prepared by my sister.
My biggest reason to celebrate is that it has been a year since the fibromyalgia has left me. One year ago I was praying in my living room and begging God to take the pain away. I had prayed the prayer many times before in the 15 years I had suffered with it. One year ago, I felt every trace of pain exit my body out through my finger tips. I wondered why, on that certain day, I was healed. I felt that He told me that I was trying to earn or deserve my healing. It is like Salvation. There is nothing we can do to earn or deserve it. It is the touch of God. Off and on for a few months, symptoms tried to return. I had to keep remembering that God healed me. As soon as I prayed and thanked the Lord for healing, the pain left each time. God is good. I praise Him for touching my body and healing me from that awful disease. He did it for me and He will do it for you too. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reworking the Backdrop for the Western Books- Pictures of the Day

Above is the booth backdrop Terry and I made two months ago. Terry put together a PVC frame and I placed curtains that I reworked that I had purchased at a thrift store.
The picture below is the bottom edge of the PVC frame. Terry added a middle support to make set up a little easier for me when I am setting up alone. Most of the pieces come apart for travel. Some of them are glued together. (He told me which, but I need to write on them because I simply can't remember...oops!)

The picture above is of the completed reworked backdrop. While the curtains were very pretty, they were lined and heavy. Most of the books I have written so far are Christian Western. While paging through an Oriental Trading catalog I got in the mail, I saw a very pretty backdrop pictured. In that backdrop was Spruce trees in the mountains loaded down with snow. I almost bought that one, but then thought better of it because I wanted something for all seasons. (They also had an awesome one of a fireplace with a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree.)

I went to my laptop and found Oriental I searched their website for backdrop banners and they had a good selection of scenes to choose from. The great thing was that they are only $16 for a 6' X9' banner. This is so much more affordable than other places.
One thing I must say is that they are thin plastic and come in three strips that you tape together. The plastic is the same mil as a plastic table cloth. I am going to put clear contact paper on it or thin down some Elmer's glue and attach cheesecloth or muslin on the back. I haven't decided yet.

The picture was 6' tall. Terry's had made the frame 7'X8'. It was a foot shy of reaching the floor. I found some fabric in my quilting stash. (actually, it was a curtain I had chopped up for another project and I had saved the chopped up part for quilt pieces. No wonder my quilt stash is so big. It was cool because the rod pocket was already done. I cut the fabric to size so that the picture would brush the floor.
I got out my packing tape and taped the three sections together on the backside of the picture. Then I got a roll of duct tape and put it around the perimeter of the picture on the backside so that it would be more sturdy.

 Above is the duct tape on the edge of the picture.

I was going to attach Velcro to the fabric and the picture, but didn't know how I would attach the Velcro to the flimsy picture. Because I had duct taped the edge, I thought that  hand sewing them together would be a better idea. Machine sewing might just cut it. I used a very small needle and fine thread with pretty big stitches. I might resort to using fabric glue when I can get to a store that carries it so that it doesn't fall apart.

I taped the picture to the fabric and made sure it was straight before I began to sew.

I started in the middle so that ...I don't remember why, but I think it was so that I wouldn't get it off centered, even though it was taped and pinned in place. Who knows why I did it that way, but it worked.

This is the finished product. The light is shining on a crease on it. I had to run into the spare bedroom to be sure it wasn't a rip. lol. I have sewed up a long skinny carrying case for the banner and the backdrop. I will roll them up and put them in the case. This has been quite a project. I will get back to you about the clear contact paper or the cheesecloth idea. If you have a suggestion, I would appreciate your feedback.